Life Is Mysterious

The name of my blog is Life is Mysterious and that name appealed to me because life is mysterious.

When I was younger I thought I knew what my life would be. Graduation from high school, marriage six or seven years later, four kids within the ten years after that. But that’s not what happened at all. What has happened has been…well, mysterious. My life has followed its own path, and much of what has happened has been a mystery to me.

My own mysterious life has led me to ask the questions—Why do things happen the way they do? Are our actions predetermined? Why don’t we know what’s coming? How would we behave if we did know what’s coming?

Those are the questions I hope to tackle in this blog, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride. My topics will run the gamut. Anything going on in my life at any given moment, or anything that has captured my imagination, will be fair game. Some things will be silly, while most will be very serious, and things I have thought about…a lot.

Because ultimately, I am a thinker—a ponderer, if you will. Blame that on the preponderance of air signs in my chart: Sun in Libra and Mercury, Moon in Gemini. Air signs are thinkers, and we love nothing more than sharing our thoughts with others and then discussing. So stay tuned.

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